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3 July 2013


Going back and forth from my apartment and the practice field during the week prior to the American Fourth of July holiday, I had seen preparations being made for something large. Pavilions were being constructed, areas were being cordoned off with temporary fencing, and tent structures were being erected. I finally asked Teemu, our Finnish Nose Tackle, what was going on. He told me that they were getting ready for Farmari.

Farmari is a 3-day, large, agricultural event held annually in different cities across Finland. This year it was in Seinäjoki and it would literally take over one of the main streets end to end. The best comparison to something similar in the states would be against a county fair but without the amusement rides and midway. This is an event where people involved in husbandry (crops and animals) gather for a few days and share, present, and compete.

entrance buffet

The event began on a Friday and I decided to check it out on Saturday after our noon walk-through practice. We were playing on a Sunday this week. I went down and parked the bike and paid my 20 Euro to gain admittance. Just to my right was a large open area that was a buffet. I was starving so that was my first stop. I paid the 11.5 Euro for a typical Finnish buffet. It had a meat and gravy dish, mashed potatoes, some pressed fish things, salad, milk, bread, and some corn on the cob. The only thing not typical in my Finnish buffet experience so far was the corn on the cob, which was a real treat. I also enjoyed a couple beers that I was able to purchase.

main street

After lunch, I went on a long exploration of the grounds. Just inside the entrance, the street was not too crowded. The sides of the street were lined with various vendors and displays of farming and agricultural equipment. One tent had tractor tires on display that were taller than me. I walked by expensive separating equipment for various harvesting methods, a cool ATV display tent that had a bunch of 4-wheelers, and many other product-related booths. Right in the middle of the street there was a stage on which a Finnish rock band was performing. This area was difficult to get through as there were people wadded up around it as tightly as possible. Rather than try to get through it, I diverted off toward the river. I wanted to get a look at the animals.

cows 2 pigs

Off the main road, I went in search of the animal pens. They were not hard to find as you could smell the fresh hay and general odors coming from a distinct direction that were associated with animal pens. I just followed the smell and soon found them.

The area was quite large and was organized by animals. They had areas for pigs, cattle, sheep, horses, and goats. Each area had multiple pens and a good variety of animals. The animals were groomed to perfection exactly as a they would be in any typical county fair you would be at in the states.

Finland has almost one million (910,000) head of cattle distributed over 13,460 farms. Of those cattle, 283,110 are dairy. The average number of dairy cattle on a farm is 30 with four Finnish farms that have over 300 head of dairy cattle. Here is a good page on livestock statistics for Finland. You can click the categories on the left to find out about meat, milk, eggs, and cattle.

highland cow highland cow 2

One interesting breed of cattle is the highland variety. These cattle have distinctive coats and horns and originated in Western Scotland.

A short way from the pens they were concluding the showing of some animals. A man on a microphone was announcing some award and there were a smattering of onlookers in the modest temporary bleachers that had been set up on one side of the arena.

area off the street

I got to the end of the animal area and then worked my way further down so that I would come out past the rock concert. The weather was beautiful and people, especially families, where enjoying the event. Ice cream and snacks were everywhere to be had along with balloons.

I got back to the main street and continued down its length to the opposite end. It was pretty much more of the same along the street. Candy vendors, food vendors, hats, clothes, even a side area that had furniture for sale all set up for the event.

After about 3 hours there, I had decided I had pretty much seen as much as I was going to see. So, I found my exit and bike and made the trip back to the apartment. I never did run into Teemu, who I knew was there. But, it was an interesting time and gave me a little more insight into the agricultural side of Finland.

Game Day – Jaguarrit

26 July 2013


Today at 4PM we kick it off against the Jyvaskyla Jaguarrit. I will simply call them the Jags. The Jags are struggling this year and have not picked up a single win in six tries. They feature a quarterback named Evan Mozzoch. Evan played college ball in the states at Idaho State University and Western Oregon University. He is a Portland Oregon native. I personally met him early in the season at a required league orientation meeting for Americans. Evan impressed me with his attitude and mannerisms – A top-flight young man. At the same meeting I met one of the Jag’s coaches. He actually coached the previous year for Central Oregon High School, who Charlie and I faced in a playoff round game. Small world.


The week’s practice was fairly good. We had our usual cache of injuries. It seems that we continue to have players banged up with nagging hurts that prevent them from practising. Wednesday’s practice saw the arrival of a fourth American player – Steve Adams. Steve played the bulk of his college ball at Shippensburg Pennsylvania. From his tapes, he seems to be the prototypical pocket passing quarterback. He stands at six feet five inches and has a strong arm. He has proven leadership skills going back to high school sports.

You might think that adding a pocket passer to an offense that has an extremely dangerous running quarterback is a perfect move, but it doesn’t come without complications. In the Maple League there are rules limiting the use of American players. One of the main rules is that you can only dress three Americans per game. Now that we have four you can see the issue. Each American we have on our roster is extremely valuable and talented and fills a piece of the puzzle. In a perfect situation we would want all four to be able play. However, as coaches, we now have to make the call on who sits out during each of the remaining games.

We practised as usual this week Tuesday through Friday. Wednesday was the first practice where Adams was available to throw. He looked good in a 7-on-7 match at the end of practice. However, this format is pretty unrealistic regarding what you actually deal with in a real football game. During 7-on-7 you do not have nasty defensive linemen and linebackers bearing down on you wanting to rip your head off after the ball is snapped. But, we were pleased nonetheless.

As a coaching staff, we had agonized over the decision on who to sit for the Jags game. We had decided to make our announcement after the Thursday practice. No decision would come without negatives. The bottom line here though is that this is a professional football league and the American players are under contract to play or not play as directed by the coaching staff. In fact, this is not the first time that the Crocodile Organization has faced this issue. As recent as 2009 they were also over the limit with American players under contract. At the end of the practice, we gathered the four Americans and announced that our defensive tackle BJ Bell from UNLV would sit this game out. It was not an easy decision and each coming week will be just as difficult.

Here are some pre-game links. Again, all articles are in Finnish and if you want you can cut and paste them into Google’s translator to get an approximation in English:

Article from Crocodile website.

Jag stats from the most recent game against the Wolverines.

Article announcing acquisition of Steve Adams at quarterback.

Video interview mid-week with Charlie and I.

Crocs 47 – Indians 13

21 July 2013


Still stinging from the pounding we took from the Roosters last week, the team boarded the bus at the field house at 9:30AM. We we setting forth on our longest road trip of the year to play the Indians Kouvola. So, on the schedule they appear just as I typed that – “Indians Kouvola.” However, they are in the town of Kouvola so I will just call them the Indians. Kickoff was scheduled for 6PM and it was our third televised game in a row. We had yet to get a win on TV.

We arrived early about 3:30PM after various stops along the way, some of which were to gather up other players. We had a team dinner at a place that was not a 24-hour ABC rest stop. The name of the place escapes me but the buffet was great. It consisted of creamed chicken breasts, bread, salad, scalloped potatoes, and vegetables. I passed on the ice cream, regrettably. There was a bit of rain during the trip but by the time we got there that had pretty much passed.

the field

The surface for this game was natural and in great shape. They had a very nice stadium with covered bleachers running the length of the home side and open bleachers running the length of the visitor’s side. The locker rooms (shared) were very close and afforded us to go back inside prior to kickoff and at halftime.

So the Indians came into this game with a 3 and 2 win-loss record and we were 2 and 3. For us, this was a must win game and we had been treating it as a playoff situation all week. The Indians had acquired a new running back for their previous game named Thomas Addison. In last week’s matchups, Addison had racked up over 214 yards in 14 carries against the Wolverines who pretty much shut our offense down during our second half against them. Addison had good moves and good speed. He played his college ball at a Division II school named Shepard University in West Virginia. Addison would be our main concern defensively.

We had no tapers with us so it fell upon me to tape about 10 ankles. I had become aware that taping is increasingly harder on my back as I get older. By the time I was done the pain was there and the sweat was dripping. The locker room felt like a sauna.

warm ups opening kickoff

We got through the warmups, introductions and the coin flip. We won the toss and Crawford took the opening kick 32 yards to set us up nicely in Indian territory on the 45 yard line. We put together a nice 12-play scoring drive that was highlighted by a fourth and 4 yard conversion around the Indian 30 yard line. The drive was controlling and run-oriented with just two pass attempts. We attempted a 2-point conversion and bungled the snap – it failed. Crocs 6 and Indians nothing.

defense holds

The defense took the field after the kick and started off with a personal foul penalty for 15 yards. Not the way to start. The Indians got well into our territory mainly on the back of Addison but we held on the 11 yard line with a good stop on downs. We would take over there.

We put together a couple good runs by Crawford and then turned the ball over near mid-field when Ville, our backup running back, took a nasty hit. First turnover of the game. Indians take over on their 39 yard line.

The defense forced a three and out punt to pretty much end the First Quarter with the score remaining Crocs 6 and Indians nothing.


After completing a nice short pass for 8 yards, we suffered a string of formation penalties that were a mystery to us. Apparently, there was an issue with our wideout to the far side being on or off the line of scrimmage. Typically, a receiver will communicate through standard hand signals to the sideline judge to confirm whether he is on or off the line as needed. Our receiver was doing this but had not gotten any confirmations from the sideline official. So, we got nailed two times in a row for having too many players in the backfield. These penalties pretty much killed the drive and we were forced to punt.

The punt was a good one and was downed at the 15 yard line of the Indians. On the third play of the Indian drive, Addison bumbled the handoff on a run up the middle and the ball was loose. We recovered the ball with great field position on their 24 yard line. Two plays later, we were in for our second score. This time we kicked the point after and it was good. Crocs 13 and Indians nothing.

crawford td 2 crocs kickoff

The Indians next series consisted of a mix of short gains aided by a few penalties of our own. We had a golden opportunity for an interception early in the drive when we forced a lame duck pass from their quarterback. However, we let the ball drop between our waiting safety and corner. It was a classic miscommunication you would see in a youth baseball game where two fielders don’t know who is going to take the popped up ball.

We had a second shot at it though down in our territory on another poor pass under pressure. This time our safety Thomas grabbed the interception for our second turnover. Croc ball on our five yard line.

defense tackles defense tackles 2

The elation was short-lived, however, as Brown turned around and threw a pick of his own on the very first play of the series. The defense held, though, and they gave up the ball in downs to us.

Thomas air pick

We took the ball on our 40 yard line and in five rushing plays we were in the endzone. The point after was blocked. We led the game 19 to nothing with 50 seconds to go in the First Half. Thus far, we had been dictating the pace of the game and were in full control.

Normal behaviour for a defense in this situation is to play good positional defense and prevent anything stupid from happening. You basically want to keep the offense in front of you here because the opponent has a long ways to go (59 yards in this case) with very little time remaining. Somehow we got excited and took some bad angles and missed a couple tackles and Addison was dancing around in the endzone for a score. I was not real happy at this point. We did block the point after so it was Crocs 19 and Indians 6 with a bit of time on the clock.

Addison Addison celebrates

We managed a couple plays on offense with one being a false start. The refs signalled the end of the half and we headed for the locker room. I got a chance to blow off some steam with the defense in our own little room just to ourselves. I made it pretty clear that was a bonehead way to end a good half and we would not be doing that again in that particular situation. One of the key components to a football game is momentum. And we had just given that to them right before the second half. And, they would be receiving the ball to start the Third Quarter.

The Indians started the quarter on their own 27 yard line. Runs of 51 (Addison), 16, 3, and 3 (all Pervis) got them into the endzone quickly to start the quarter. Now we had a game again after having them down 19 to zero. The kick was good so it was Crocs 19 and Indians 13. All the life and excitement was now on the home side of the field.

rodney scramble punt great catch

We took the kick and started on our own 32 yard line. We got ourselves into punting situation and lined up to kick. The snap, however, was bad and skipped late into Rodney’s hands. He saw an opening to the right and took it for 22 yards to convert the fourth down. That play was a momentum swinger. Five plays later, Rodney hit Crawford for a touchdown pass. One play in particular stood out in the drive after this point. It was a third and seven situation. Brown hit Makinen on a short post pattern to the right. Makinen made a great leaping fingertip grab to get the first down. The point after failed again. Crocs 25 and Indians 13.

bell big sack blocked punt

We kicked off deep and the Indians didn’t get much of a return. They would begin play on their own 11 yard line. The Indians picked up a first down with a pass but then BJ Bell took over. He had a huge 11-yard sack that set up the drive to end with a punt, which it did. Then, Bell split a seam and got a block on the kick to give the Crocs the ball on the Indian 20 yard line. Rodney connected with Blair Gordon for 20 yards and we scored. The point after was good – Crocs 32 and Indians 13. We had wrestled the momentum back to our sideline.

With 2:30 left in the Third Quarter, the Indians took over on their own 39 yard line. The Indians found themselves with a fourth down and short on their 48 and they went for it. They converted with a short pass for five yards. Two false start penalties, a rushing loss and two incomplete passes, however, set them up with a fourth and 22 to go on their own 41. They again decided to go for it. Bell logged another big sack again for 11 yards. Crocs ball on the Indian 30 early in the Fourth Quarter.

Crocs started with the ball on the Indian 30 yard line. A few plays later, aided by a personal foul on the Indians, Crawford was in the endzone again. The point after was good and it was Crocs 39 and the Indians 13.

pick six one pick six thomas

The Indians took the kick and had a good return to mid-field. After an incomplete pass, the Indian QB threw into the waiting arms of Stacey Thomas our safety who gathered it in for his second interception. This time Stacey had room to run. He picked up some key blocks and returned the pick for 57 yards and a touchdown. We converted on the 2-pt play and had a good lead at 39 to 13.

After the kickoff, the Indians were forced to punt with a three-and-out on their next series. We took over on our 29 yard line and manage to get to our 48 before having to punt. The punt was short and as Addison rushed up to receive it, he came up short and it bounced off his fingertips. The ball was grabbed by the Crocs – first down. We failed to capitalize and turned the ball over on downs with only 16 seconds remaining. A zone read play to the right with the Indian quarterback keeping the ball ended the game. Final score – Crocs 47 and Indians 13.

victory satisfaction

It is amazing how much more fun a long trip is when you have the taste of victory rather than defeat. We had a couple stops on the way home to eat and drop players off. Finally, we rolled into Seinäjoki about 3:30 in the morning. I had locked my bike in the dressing room for safety without realizing that the place would be locked up for the night. So, I made the mile-long trip home on foot carrying my little red bag reliving the game in the cool Finnish morning.

Here are some useful links on the game:

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Crocs 13 – Roosters 48

14 July 2013

The day came with clouds and the possibility of rain. It was Sunday and our second consecutive televised game. We had a date with the number one team in the Maple League at 6PM in the Swamp. The game had been sufficiently hyped around town. There were posters around advertising the contest and everyone had been anticipating a matchup with the defending league champions.

I had spent my football week breaking down film and devising a defensive game plan to try and stop the very efficient short to intermediary passing attack of Robert Johnson and the Roosters. We had had a practice week that was full of minor injuries and thin participation. Despite this, I had felt good about our ability to defend them.

I arrived at 4PM at the field house where players were preparing for battle. For our home games, we have a lot of support for taping and coaching. I taped up the ankles of our defensive tackle BJ Bell who likes the ankle lock method I use. Just before “Early Outs” were to take the field at 5PM, the spitting rain stopped and it looked like we were going to side-step any significant weather.

Kickoff time came and went and we still did not have our introductions done. It seemed that we were running a bit behind schedule. Finally, about 10 after the hour, we went through the fanfare at the corner of the field. Tonight, our starting offense was introduced. One thing I have discovered is that despite the age or level of football players, the all-important individual introduction ranks up there quite high. In many cases, theatrics abound.

waiting for introductions coin flip

We won the coin flip and chose to receive the ball. Hopefully we could get some offense going and we would have some pressure off the defense during the game.

crawford fumbled pitch

The first series was a disaster. A holding penalty combined with a false start and then capped with a botched toss to Crawford resulted in a turnover deep in our territory. The Roosters would take over inside our 20 yard line. Four plays later, Johnson connected on a short four yard completion to put the Roosters on the board. The point after was good and it was quickly 7 to zip.

brown punt

We started our second series on our 24 yard line. We picked up a quick first down but then stalled out and were forced to punt partly due to another false start penalty. The punt was good and got a great bounce. It rolled out of bounds on the Rooster 16 yard line.

We had much better field position here and the defense came through with a three-and-out forcing the Roosters to punt the ball away. We failed to connect on a couple of passes, incurred a third false start penalty, and committed our second turnover in three possessions by throwing an interception. Roosters would take over with good field position on their own 47 yard line. Field position would become key in this game and it was already favouring the Roosters.

The Roosters were a no-huddle team. This was the second time in the season we had faced that kind of offense. Much of their attack was devised from the line of scrimmage and directed by their talented quarterback who is good at reading the situation and checking in and out of plays and routes. This series they were very efficient and mixed a string of passes with a few rushes and scored their second touchdown of the quarter nine plays later. The point after split the uprights and it was Roosters 14 and Crocs 0 near the end of the first quarter.

We took the kickoff and started on our own 12 yard line. We had trouble getting the kick, which seemed to be going out of bounds but at the last minute decided to stay inside the field of play. A loss on a rushing play to Crawford set up a third and long. We missed on the pass and had to punt from deep in our own territory. The punt was to around mid-field and the return edged the Roosters into Croc territory on the 46 yard line.

The defense had the Roosters in a third and 10 situation but they hit a key pass to get the first down to the Croc 13 yard line. They picked up a false start penalty but on another third down completed an 18 yard strike for the third score of the game. Again, the point after was good and we were suddenly in a deep hole 21 to zero. Little did we know that things were going to get worse – as if they could.

We took the kickoff and had the ball first and 10 on our own 29 yard line. Crawford took the handoff for a one yard game but the ball popped loose and the Roosters recovered giving them three take-aways. Again, we were losing two key battles – field position and turnovers. Roosters ball on our 28 yard line.

johnson throwing

We catch a break with a Rooster holding call followed by an incomplete pass and have them backed up a bit with a second and 20. However, Johnson finds a free-releasing Ciasulli deep in the middle and connects to bail them out of that situation. First down Roosters. A completed pass and two rushing plays later they score. Point after is good and it is 28 to zero. Can it get any worse? Yes.

defense tackling

We take the kick and accomplish another three-and-out – punt. At the beginning of the return on the punt we throw what I call a “frustration” block that nets the Roosters an additional 15 yards on the return. They start the series on our 40 yard line. On a second and 10, they hit a big pass to our 16 yard line. The fifth score seems to be looming at this point. Another completion for 11 yards and they are not sitting on a first and goal from our 5 yard line. They rush the ball for a couple and have a second and goal from the one. Johnson attempts a corner pass that catches the Rooster receiver pushing off our defender and they pick up the offensive pass interference call pushing them back to the 18 yard line. However, a pass to Ciasulli for 15 pulls them right back inside the five with a couple downs left. We come up with some good pass defense and pull out the stop. Croc ball on our three yard line.

Three incomplete passes and we are punting from our three yard line. This type of punt situation is dangerous because you don’t have the full 15 yards snap distance. To complicate matters, our regular punter, Brown, got banged up a bit on the previous play and had left the game. We brought in a backup punter and took the snap. A Rooster defender split the inside gap of our wing blocker and blocked the punt – Roosters recovered in the endzone and it is a touchdown. Point after missed and it is Roosters 34 and Crocs zero. This was probably the low point of the game. Although you could make a good case for the entire game being a low point.

I have coached for 16 years and have been involved in lots of games like this – on both sides of the scoreboard. You have to try and keep players emotionally engaged and battling. You have to work to not have the team just roll over and die on the field.

thomas touchdown

We took the kick with 3:22 remaining in the half and got a great return from Crawford that put us near mid-field. On a fourth down and 15 to go with nothing really to lose, we went for it. Brown hit Suurkuukka for 17 and the first down. Apparently, we hadn’t completely bled out. We got a good scrambling first down from Rodney and then he hit Stacey Thomas for a strike in the endzone. We were on the board. The point after was good and it was 34 to 7.

The remainder of the half saw our defense force the Roosters to punt and the clock run out on our offense. We headed to our usual spot behind the grandstands on the hill to try and regroup. Much was said about personal pride and fortitude. We decided on a few defensive adjustments and returned to the field.

We had to kickoff and the Roosters started on their own 42 yard line. They did pick up an initial first down but the defense held and they were forced to punt. We downed the ball on our own 23 yard line.

crawford open field

The offense picked up a couple quick first downs and we seemed to be moving the ball. Then, on a first and 19 from our 45 we went deep to Thomas in the middle. He was double covered and bodies lept for the ball. The Roosters came up with it and it was another turnover. Rooster ball on their 17 yard line.

The Roosters took the ball basically for the remainder of the third quarter on a 14-play drive to get their sixth score pushing the beating to 41 to 7 after the completion of nearly three quarters. We took the kick and around mid-field committed another turnover – this time a fumble after a long run by Crawford deep into the Rooster territory. The feeling was like being punched in the gut. Rooster ball.

The Roosters started on their own four yard line. By now, they had their backup quarterback in. But, faced with a second and 13 on their own one yard line, Johnson was re-inserted into the lineup to try and get them out of the hole they are in. He did so and their backup was again brought in. The Roosters botched a shotgun snap and lost the ball. We recover – Croc ball.

We had the ball on the Rooster 36 and got a great run down to the Rooster 18. The next play was one of the best hits I have seen thus far in Finland. Crawford took the handoff and was heading outside to the right when he was met by a freight train wearing the number #30 – Peyton. The smack was loud and sudden. Crawford was instantaneously driven back and the ball popped loose. Brown recovered, though, and we retained possession. On the next play Brown hit Thomas for 21 and we had a second score. The point after failed so it was Roosters 41 and Crocs 13.

We decided to try an onside kick to see if we could muster another score before the remaining 4:10 ran off the clock. The kick was botched actually going to the side of the field where we had virtually no defenders. Petyon of the Roosters scooped it and darted 64 yards virtually untouched into the endzone. This was like adding insult to injury. The point after was good and it was Roosters 48 and Crocs 13.

We had the ball one more time after the kickoff and were stopped on downs on the Rooster 45 yard line. Roosters took over and kneeled two plays dead to end the beating. It was a very bad performance and would leave a bad taste in our mouths for a while. The game marked the halfway point in the season leaving us with five regular season games.

What you do with losses like these is try to learn from them. Nobody likes to lose and especially get thrashed in front of the home crowd and on television. We would pick up the pieces from this bad Sunday and start focusing on our next opponent – the Kouvola Indians. This next Sunday was on the road and our final regular season televised game.

Stats for the game
TV link
Interview mid-week after the game featuring Janne Rautiainen, one of our defensive tackles, and Head Coach Charlie. Janne’s interview is in Finnish.
Article from Croc website
Article from the Rooster website

Game Day – Roosters

14 July 2013

game poster

It is morning, overcast, and cooler today. We kick it off against the Helsinki Roosters at 6PM in the Nordic Nutrients Arena at Jouppilanvuori, affectionately known as “The Swamp.” Like last Sunday, today’s contest will also be televised by URHO TV. Thus far, we have defended our home field with two wins – both our losses have come on the road. Today will be our toughest challenge yet at home. The Roosters are coming in undefeated and the current favourite in the 2013 Maple League.

We are coming off a disappointing loss to the Wolverines last Sunday at the Velodrome in Helsinki. We lost that game in the final two seconds. You can read about that one here. We played well for much of that game and had opportunities to win it.

In preparation for tonight’s game, we only took a single day off, which was Monday. We had a good mix of film sessions, full practices, and a walk-through. Here are the Maple League standings thus far:

standings Robert Johnson

The Roosters feature Robert Johnson in the Quarterback position. You might recall that last week we faced a Cedric Johnson. Robert and Cedric are brothers. Robert is physically larger than Cedric and he is a good, quick passer. They have talented receivers in Rocky Ciasulli, Mark Lievonen , Kimi Linnainmaa and others. Johnson connected for 24 passes on 37 attempts totalling 459 yards last week against the Butchers. I think we will be respecting the pass. The Roosters attack against the Indians the week before was a little more balanced with 184 yards on the ground and 293 in the air.

On a side note, the Johnson brothers faced each other down in the 2009 Maple League Championship game. At the time, Cedric was playing for the Porvoo Butchers. Here is an article previewing that contest.

As I mentioned, this game is another URHO TV game and I have learned a little more about that. This channel is like a specialized channel in the states where you would have to add it to your cable package. So, people across Finland that have the channel can watch the game live. Also, if you don’t have the channel, there are various establishments that will air it. Here in Seinäjoki I believe that Wilson’s Pub and the Celtic House both air the game. Supposedly, the game will also be available through the Internet after the fact. However, I have yet to see our game against the Wolverines. That link is still dead on the page. Here are a few links:

URHO TV link for the live game.

YouTube link – This is an upload of the complete broadcast game. This site is not very up-to-date. The most recent game is from three weeks ago.

Link for the TV broadcast – This is just a different landing page that basically gets you to the same YouTube broadcast as above. And, as you can see, it is not very up-to-date either. In fact, our game against the Wolverines has not yet become active.


Tonight’s game in Seinäjoki has been highly anticipated. One notable difference has been random encounters with the people of the city. Prior to this week, I have never had a random person ask me anything about the team. This week, though, I had been approached a couple times by strangers who wanted to know when the game was and how we thought we would do against the Roosters.

Here are some pre-game links. Again, all articles are in Finnish and if you want you can cut and paste them into Google’s translator to get an approximation in English:

Article from the Crocodiles site.

Stats from the Roosters game against the Butchers and the Indians.

Article from the site.

Article from the SAJL site.

Video link of an interview with our American Defensive Tackle BJ Bell and Head Coach Charlie.